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Businesses experience range of benefits from using sustainability standards

A new report by Aidenvironment finds that sustainability standards improve market access, profitability and production for certified ...


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Accreditation bodies call on ethical consumers to look ‘beyond the badge’

Social Enterprise Mark CIC has partnered with several well-respected standard setting and accreditation bodies to encourage consumers to challenge ethical labels and sustainability claims that are used by brands ...


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Publication of Revised Agricultural Production Standard

It is with great pride and gratitude that Fair Trade USA announces the completion and publication of the Agricultural Production Standard (APS) on March 1, 2017. For the last three years, the Fair Trade USA team ...


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Field to Market and SAI Platform Announce Equivalency Agreement for U.S. Commodity Farmers Utilizing the Fieldprint® Platform

A host of leading food and beverage companies will have an opportunity to streamline their agricultural supply chain data collection and sustainability assessment efforts through a collaboration between Field to ...


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ISEAL announces Assurance Code Steering Group members

We have selected the Assurance Code Steering Group members. The ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice was first ...

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MSC policy development topics open for public consultation 1st March

The MSC opens public consultation on its latest policy development today. Fisheries and Chain of Custody (CoC) topics will be open for your feedback for 60 days from Wednesday 1 March 2017 ...


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Implementing the Agenda 2030: sustainability standards help business seize opportunities

A new report published by WWF and ISEAL today indicates how businesses can contribute strongly to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable ...


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ISEAL seeks assurance expertise to support its revision of the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice

The ISEAL Assurance Code is one of ISEAL’s flagship resources. The Code seeks to capture good practices that ensure sustainability ...


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IFOAM Organics International asks: Can Recirculation Aquaculture Systems be Organic?

IFOAM – Organics International announces the start of a global consultation on organic aquaculture systems. This consultation seeks your views on whether and/or how recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) can ...


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Invitation to participate to the Better Cotton Initiative standard revision

The second public consultation on the BCI Standard Revision is now open. All stakeholders are invited to provide their comments on the revised draft before 25 January, 2017. Over the ...


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