Collaboration between standards

Using sustainability certification to improve mining standards

A recent study finds that sustainability standards can add value to the mining and minerals sector.

Accreditation bodies call on ethical consumers to look ‘beyond the badge’

Social Enterprise Mark CIC has partnered with several well-respected standard setting and accreditation bodies to encourage consumers to challenge ethical labels and sustainability claims that are used by brands they buy from.

Responsible Jewellery Council and Alliance for Responsible Mining working together to reduce the burden of audits

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) will harmonise their assurance systems where possible and pilot combined Fairmined and chain of custody audits to reduce audit burden.

Field to Market and SAI Platform Announce Equivalency Agreement for U.S. Commodity Farmers Utilizing the Fieldprint® Platform

A host of leading food and beverage companies will have an opportunity to streamline their agricultural supply chain data collection and sustainability assessment efforts through a collaboration between Field to Market and SAI Platform

Eight Certifications Sign Agreement to Drive Pesticide Reduction

ISEAL has seen eight of its full members sign a historic agreement to work together to reduce the use of pesticides. The agreement also sets out a consistent plan to move towards eliminating highly hazardous pesticides, finding alternatives, and creating common tools for producers to use.

RA-Cert announces new collaboration with UTZ

A new collaboration between ISEAL members Rainforest Alliance and UTZ will streamline audits and increase efficiency.

4C Association and Fairtrade announce benchmarking agreement

A new bencharking agreement between Fairtrade and the 4C association is set to benefit coffee farmers.

Next Generation Sustainability Standards Comparison Tool

As the work on the Sustainability Standards Comparison Tool continues to evolve, GIZ has proposed a revision that reduces the number of data fields. ISEAL's Patrick Mallet provides the latest update on the tool and urges the ISEAL community to submit comments on the proposed new criteria before the 31 July deadline.

4C Association signs large-scale coffee partnership with IDH and ICO

4C Association along with the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) and The Sustainable Trade Initiative, IDH have committed to a major public-private alliance.

ISEAL members trending up in India

It has been over two years since ISEAL started its work in India, as part of our emerging economies focused project with the Swiss government. A recent member meeting in Delhi was not only an opportunity to advance our project activities, it also allowed members to reflect on how the Indian landscape has evolved and to share the impressive progress that each have made.
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