2014 Conference

2014 Conference logo
2014 Conference logo
The Global Sustainability Standards Conference (formerly the ISEAL Annual Conference) brought together 300 leaders from business, government, civil society and sustainability standards to discuss the many dimensions of trust in the sustainability standards movement.
The global event for the standards and certification movement took place from 20-22 May in London. Thank you for helping to make the conference a major success.

We hope to see you next year!

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A Question of Trust

This year our theme was trust, which goes hand-in-hand with what it means to be a credible sustainability standard. Through keynote addresses, panel discussions and breakout sessions, the conference explored the many dimensions of trust that are essential to scaling up the certification movement: trust that standards systems are evaluating their impacts and responding to results; trust that claims and labels are accurate; trust from producers that certification is valuable; trust from busineses and the finance sector that standards are the right tool to achieve their objectives; trust that standards can address challenging global issues like living wage; and trust that standards are evolving to meet expectations and achieve their sustainability missions.

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Speakers and Panellists

Over the course of three days, we heard from over 70 sustainability leaders from civil society, government and business, as well as experts and practitioners in standards systems.

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ISEAL Community Day

The ISEAL Community Day was an opportunity for members and subscribers to engage more closely and strategically, with a focus on sharing their experiences and learning from each other on how to improve the effectiveness and impact of standards and certification. Click here to read about the ISEAL Community Day or learn more about becoming a subscriber so that you can join next year.

Dispatches from the 2014 ISEAL Conference

SustainabilityXchange Platform to be launched at Global Sustainability Standards Conference

SustainabilityXchange is the latest innovation to drive sustainable value chain development by facilitating interaction and knowledge & resource sharing among all supply chain actors and technical assistance providers. It will be launched in London on 21 May, at the Global Sustainability Standards Conference, hosted by ISEAL.

First Global Sustainability Standards Conference: Importance of Business Case Made Clear

Last week, ISEAL hosted the first ever Global Sustainability Standards Conference, where more than 300 people from business, government and civil society, as well as leaders from the sustainability standards movement, came together to discuss emerging issues.

Living Wage and the Textiles Sector: the best wage is a negotiated one

At the first Global Sustainability Standards Conference, four experts weighed in on living wage in the textiles sector. Altogether there were a fair number of questions to be answered, but also a range of actions and collaborative initiatives to work on wages in a practical way, including a major collaboration by six certification programmes.

Strong demand for sustainability standards in the finance sector

The International Finance Corporation supported a stream of finance sector focused sessions at the Global Sustainability Standards Conference, hosted by ISEAL last month. In one of these sessions it was clear that credible standards bring extraordinary value to financial institutions of all varieties, and that there is untapped potential for standards to be a tool that the sector draws upon to drive sustainability through their lending.

From market access to market readiness: building capacity through certification

Do sustainability standards need to rebalance certification to provide more incentives to producers? How do we relieve the audit burden and redirect resources to capacity building? These were some of the questions on the table at an insightful session of the Global Sustainability Standards Conference.

Mining, electronics and dairy: new frontiers for standards?

The first Global Sustainability Standards Conference hosted a session on certification in challenging sectors with professionals from the extractives, electronics and dairy industries. Can sustainability standards be applied to all sectors, even those which some would argue are inherently unsustainable? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of having multiple standards within these industries?

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