2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference

2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference

27th June 2017 | 28th June 2017 | 29th June 2017, World Trade Center, Zürich, Switzerland
The leading global event for those who support the uptake of credible sustainability standards

Global Sustainability Standards Conference: The future of trust


**Looking for the Global Sustainability Standards Symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia? Click here for more information.**

The 8th Global Sustainability Standards Conference took a look into the future of trust: with the emergence of new initiatives, new technologies, new expectations, how are standards and certification systems rising to the challenge of doing more while maintaining credibility? How are businesses, producers, and other stakeholders playing a role in meeting new commitments and achieving positive impacts?

Through the lens of specific topics, issues and case studies from a range of sectors, we explored changing stakeholder perceptions and expectations around trust. 350 senior professionals working in businesses, NGOs, government and academia, came together to delve into the hot topics in the realm of standards and certification, and look at how standards can provide certainty in an uncertain world.

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Standards evolution: find out how standards are responding to the need to adapt and broaden what they offer
  • Collaboration: hear in-depth case studies of how collaboration made an idea or approach more effective, and where the challenges were
  • Business case: hear from businesses and standards on what is really motivating sourcing decisions
  • New sourcing models: go in-depth into new and established standards and initiatives that are tackling sourcing issues in challenging sectors
  • Scaling up: take a look at innovative approaches to achieving scale and how standards systems must maintain credibility while ramping up
  • Data and technology: learn about the latest tools and trends in data and technology that are shaking up the audit process
  • Biodiversity and deforestation: explore the biggest threats to biodiversity and our forests and how smallholders and certification leaders have a critical role
  • Sustainable Development Goals: learn how you can implement the specifics of your company’s SDG commitments effectively and credibly
  • Forced and bonded labour: discover how standards are helping businesses to deepen their impact on workers’ rights and slavery-free supply chains, and what is next to come

The conference was made up of in-depth case studies, interactive panel debates, world café style discussions, fish bowl conversations, networking opportunities and more - you can view the full programme here.

A Sustainability Standards Essentials Training workshop took place before the conference on 27 June. For more information and to sign up, click here.

For a schedule of pre-conference events including the AGM, click here.

For a taste of what took place at the 2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference, watch Target's Kelly Caruso delivering her keynote speech in 2016:

The Global Sustainability Standards Conference in 2017 was hosted in partnership with the  UK and Swiss governments and with support from Pantegrity, World Wildlife Fund and International Trade Centre.




The Community Day, The Future of trust: Evolve, innovate and reimagine, was held in partnership with Swiss and UK governments, Walton, Packard and GIZ.