Breakout session formats

The Global Sustainability Standards Conference provides parallel breakout sessions in a variety of interactive formats, as well as the traditional panel, designed for a high level of audience engagement and interaction. Below is a brief outline of these different formats to give you an idea of what to look forward to at the conference.


The campfire session starts off much like a traditional presentation with the speaker presenting or telling a story to the group as a whole. Then the role of storyteller is passed on to the audience, guided by the moderator. Attendees discuss and engage with the topic, learn from one another and find common issues and solutions. This format allows participants to direct their own learning, share experiences with one another and directly build new connections in the room.


In a fishbowl discussion, the delegates sit in concentric circles around the speakers and moderator. The speakers and moderator start by occupying the chairs in the centre circle, but with one chair left empty in their midst. Once the moderator has opened the discussion to the floor, any attendee may occupy the empty chair and join the discussion, but when they do, another member of the inner circle must vacate their chair and join in the wider surrounding circle. The fishbowl provides a dynamic and evolving learning experience, with input from all different perspectives in the room.

World Café

At the World Café, speakers will first have a short time to present to the group as a whole before breaking out into smaller groups for a facilitated and guided the conversation. Delegates engage in discussions about the topic both directly with the speaker and with each other. Throughout the session, participants have the opportunity to move between tables in order to participate in multiple conversations, learn from others and go deeper in the topic.