Resources and Presentations

Global Sustainability Standards Conference

11th May 2016 | George Washington University, Washington, DC
The major annual event for sustainability standards and certification.

Resources and Presentations


Resources, videos and presentations from the 2016 Global Sustainability Standards Conference can be found below.

Presentations and resources from the Community Day are available to ISEAL members and subscribers here

Keynote Speech - Kelly Caruso, Target

Video Summary

Full Video

Opening Plenary with ASC, Bonsucro, Ahold, IISD, Imaflora and National Wildlife Federation - Certification: Evolution or Revolution?

Video Summary

Full Video

World Café: Sustainability Challenges Faced by Companies

Maintaining Credibility in Innovative Approaches

Sarah Lewis - The Sustainability Consortium - “Greening Global Supply Chains: From Blind Spots to Hotspots to Action”

New Technology Solutions for Efficiency in Standards

Lee Tyler - Textile Exchange

Brendan Owens - US Green Building Council

Mona Karraoui - Golf Environment Organization

Reducing the Use and Impact of Agrochemicals

Read a blog summary of the session here.

Introduction - IPM Coalition

Oliver Bach - Sustainable Agriculture Network

Juan Carlos Isaza - Global Coffee Platform

Damien Sanfilippo - Better Cotton Initiative

Outcomes - IPM Coalition

Leader Insight

Alan Knight - ArcelorMittal

Elise Golan - U.S. Department of Agriculture

One Great Idea

Andreas Kratz - Fairtrade International

Elena Schmidt - Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

Melanie Bower - Green Electronics Council

ISEAL's Credibility Principles

Amy Jackson, Philipp Schukat, and Jeff Malcolm - ISEAL's Credibility Principles

A full summary of the conference can be found here. If you want to learn more about ISEAL's work on the topics discussed at the conference you can get in touch with us at