ISEAL Code of Good Practice | Consultation events

As part of our consultation on the first draft of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice, we held a series of workshops and webinars to explore areas of the Code's content in more detail. Listen back to recordings from the series below and share your feedback through our consultation, where we are accepting feedback until 16 January.

ISEAL Code of Good Practice | Consultation launch
This event kicked off the consultation on the first draft of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice. It highlighted the main changes that have been made to the Code, including the underlying rationale, key strategic questions being asked in the consultation, and ways to participate. Joining us in conversation were members of the Steering Group for the Code: Ellen Brouwer (Climate Neutral Group) and Bilge Daldeniz (Proforest), in addition to Santiago Fernandez De Cordoba (United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards), who served on the Steering Group for the ISEAL Credibility Principles.

Listen back to the full webinar or abridged version

Clear, accurate and relevant claims | Workshop
In recognition of the importance of effective claims systems, the revised and integrated ISEAL Code of Good Practice includes claims in its scope for the first time. This workshop provided an overview of the rationale behind the changes and how the Code incorporates essential practices from ISEAL’s Sustainability Claims Good Practice Guide. Listen back here.

Impact-driven sustainability systems | Workshop
The first consultation draft of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice builds on requirements currently found in the Impacts Code of Good Practice, bringing the need for clear strategies for impact and a theory of change to the fore and embedding monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) across the activities of a sustainability system. This workshop highlighted the revised requirements on strategy for impact and MEL and the background for these changes. Listen back here. 

Shaping sustainability systems to achieve sustainability goals | Workshop
Hosted in collaboration with the Centre for Responsible Business, this workshop explored the fundamentals of credible practice for sustainability systems, how they can help companies achieve sustainability goals, and how they should be responding to developments in the sustainability landscape. Listen back here.

Corporate due diligence and sustainability systems | Webinar
The first draft of the revised and integrated ISEAL Code of Good Practice is intended to support sustainability systems in more clearly defining and strengthening their role and functionality within corporate due diligence processes. This webinar reflected on the learnings ISEAL has gained through its work on due diligence and remediation to date, and how this has informed the development of the first draft of the Code. The panel included Emily Norton, (Policy Analyst, OECD Centre for RBC), Prof. Dorothée Baumann-Pauly (Director of the Geneva Center for Business and Human Rights and Research Director NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights) and Archana Kotecha, (Founder and CEO, The Remedy Project). Listen back here.

Policymakers’ perspectives on the ISEAL Code of Good Practice | Webinar 
This webinar discussed the role of voluntary sustainability systems in public policy and the importance of being able to identify credible and effective systems that can support policy objectives. It highlights where the revised and integrated Code aligns with the direction of policy developments. The panel included representatives from the ISEAL Code of Good Practice Steering Group: Vincent Frimpong Manu (Middle Belt Development Authority (Ghana))), Weijia XIA (Vivian) (China Association for Standardization) and Alison Kinn Bennett (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Listen back here.

Innovation and credibility across a range of sustainability systems | Workshop 

This workshop discussed the changes we are seeing in how sustainability systems are operating, and looked at the potential application of the Code to these systems. We summarised the key changes that are relevant to this question of promoting both innovation and credibility across a wide range of sustainability systems and provided opportunity for discussion and feedback. Listen back here.

Código de Boas Práticas da ISEAL | Imaflora e ISEAL

Este webinar fornecerá uma visão geral do Código ISEAL de Boas Práticas, incluindo a lógica subjacente e o impacto para as partes interessadas. Nós iremos abordar as formas que você pode participar da consulta, ajudando-nos a moldar o desempenho futuro dos sistemas de sustentabilidade. O webinar está sendo realizado em parceria com o Imaflora e será ministrado em português. Listen back here.

Learn more about the revision and integration process on the consultation page. If you have any questions, please contact Caitlin Peeling, Senior Manager for Membership and Credibility.