Programme and speakers

The Global Sustainability Standards Symposium's programme is packed full of interesting ideas, inspiring speakers and interactive discussion. Here is a taster of what to expect. The full programme is available to download on this web page.

Improving sustainability performance of supply chain initiatives

We will hear about the different pathways through which sustainability standards can deliver social and environmental impacts, what evidence is available about these impacts, and how it can inform learning and improving to advance contributions to sustainability goals.

Evidence-driven decision-making and effectiveness

Throughout the day, we will gain insight from evidence into the strengths and limitations of standard systems for driving particular types of impacts and about the enabling conditions for standards’ effectiveness. We will also hear about how good data and information can inform the way standards systems, companies and governments develop new practices, strategies and policies.

Accelerating systemic impacts

In breakout sessions, groups will focus in on the initiatives that are taking different approaches to address important issues including landscapes, living income and living wage. We will explore how evidence helps these initiatives to inform their strategy, develop their understanding of the challenges, and deliver on their sustainability commitments.

Building connections and ideas

The symposium brings together leaders from the worlds of sustainability standards, business, government and civil society. We have planned ample time throughout the day to meet and connect with your peers in discussion tables, refreshment breaks, and at the drinks reception where we will launch Evidensia, the exciting new platform for information on the impacts of sustainability systems.