Side meetings and events

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Full week programme

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Monday 17 June

M&E systems and research methodology training | 9.00-16.00 | Public

A full-day workshop for sustainability standards and organisations interested in furthering their work on monitoring and evaluation of their systems. The day is structured and divided into two parts; the first session focuses on developing understanding of what is required to build the foundations of a robust M&E system and the second session on Research Methodology explores various research methods and tools and the value they bring to impact evaluation in the sustainability standard world. Register here

AGM | 10.30-13.00 (TBC) | ISEAL members only

ISEAL’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides a valuable opportunity for ISEAL Members to come together and review the previous year’s achievements and challenges, as well as discuss and make decisions around key governance matters for the ISEAL Secretariat. 

Stakeholder Council Meeting | 13.00-17.00 | By invitation only

The joint meeting with ISEAL Members and the Stakeholder Council presents an excellent opportunity to convene with external experts from different stakeholder groups (including business, government, the finance sector, civil society and producer organisations), to deepen our knowledge around the increasingly dynamic sustainability agenda and develop our strategic thinking about the role of standards in this landscape.

Gender Working Group | 15.30-18.00 | ISEAL members and invited guests

Data is key to progress. It is an essential tool, both for MSIs and companies to design and measure impactful programs and for constituents to hold them accountable. More and better data makes issues count; it helps inform the policies, programming, and practices that drive impact.
This absence of the most basic data has led to the development and implementation of policies and programs that do not account for the various barriers women face or the number of women who face them. These policies and programs therefore fail to deliver equally beneficial outcomes for men and women—or may at times deliver outcomes that are actively harmful to women.  
The session will introduce the C&A Foundation funded Gender Data and Impact Framework that has emerged from a BSR led initiative looking to design a framework of core data and impact indicators that can be used by MSIs and companies to identify gendered issues and measure progress over time. Participants will have the opportunity to feedback on the framework, hear about the pilot insights and concretely learn how the collection of these indicators can be applied in their own organizations. The workshop will also focus on the data analysis and how indicators can be correlated to provide a fuller picture of gender related root causes.

Tuesday 18 June

Global Sustainability Standards Symposium | 8.30-17.30 | Public

The Global Sustainability Standards Symposium's programme is packed full of interesting ideas, inspiring speakers and interactive discussion. The full programme is available to download on this web page. Register here

Evidensia launch and drinks reception | 17.30-18.30 | Included in the symposium ticket

The conference will be closed with the official launch of Evidensia, the exciting new platform where you can find information on the impacts of standards.


Wednesday 19 June

Supporting smallholder livelihoods: exploring our strengths, limits and potential as standards systems | 8.00-13.30 | ISEAL members and invited guests

Working towards improvements in smallholder livelihoods is an integral part of the strategy and Theory of Change of many standard systems in the ISEAL membership. Our objective is to have an evidence-based strategic dialogue and discussion about what we know standards are doing well to support smallholders and where improvements, innovations and partnerships are needed to drive desired change. The workshop is only for ISEAL member staff and select invited guests.

Digital Innovations Working Group | 9.00-12.30 | ISEAL members and invited guests

This session will feature learning from the growing portfolio of Innovation Fund projects and provide examples of how to generate conditions that help leverage VSS data to create value for our stakeholders. We will do this by exploring the data value chain, and its data flows and stewards. By understanding how data moves and is transformed by your scheme’s activities, you will be able to add greater value to clients by providing them with better information to make decisions. Understanding data flows will also enable your assurance programme to devise effective risk management approaches. 

A panel of ISEAL members will share key achievements and recommendations for defining the purpose of data management efforts and strengthening the policies that enable use of your data to meet your objectives.  Participants will begin working on the featured recommendations, undertaking exercises that allow ISEAL members to fully appreciate the steps needed to develop their data governance policies. In the session we will use a set of data and process mapping tools that will help you explore and understand your data flows, bottlenecks, and the interactions between data providers and stewards.  The end goal is to jump start members’ workplan preparation for developing their governance policies.

Sustainability standards and due diligence regulation – understanding and discussing implications for ISEAL members | 12.30-16.30 | ISEAL members and invited guests

An increasing number of national and international frameworks require companies to implement enhanced due diligence against human rights, environmental or other sustainability issues. How 3rd party standards and certifications play a role as part of corporate due diligence is an increasingly important question. In this side-event, ISEAL will summarize its findings and guidance developed over the past nine months as part of a GIZ-funded project. Member staff will reflect on the challenges and opportunities in this space – and whether new approaches are needed.  

M&E Community of Practice - Meeting the evidence challenge: the whys and hows of good evaluations | 13.30-17.30 | ISEAL members only

During this half-day meeting, M&E COP participants will have the opportunity to exchange with their peers, primarily focusing on the topic of outcome and impacts evaluations. Objectives include exploring the strategic importance of credible evaluations and how to achieve them.