Events sustainability

At ISEAL, we believe we should practice what we preach. We are constantly learning and improving on the sustainability of our events and conferences. Here are some of the things we are doing.


  • We make sure the venue has facilities to recycle waste.
  • We select meeting rooms with natural light where possible.
  • We ensure that there is good access to the venue via public transport.
  • We use the venue’s in-house technical equipment where possible to reduce the need for transportation.
  • We make sure there's Wi-Fi available so that delegates can access resources online to reduce the need for handouts.


  • We select our catering supplier carefully and work with them to provide food that is healthy, local, seasonal and certified where possible.
  • The carbon footprint for meat is high so we provide more vegetarian options to reduce this impact.
  • We only provide a few buffet options to reduce food waste.
  • We also think about how many people will attend the different catering breaks throughout the event and adjust the amount of food we order accordingly.
  • We ensure that dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for.
  • Where possible, we provide tap water served in jugs or bottles on the premises, not bottled mineral water.
  • We try to minimise the use of individually packaged food and drinks items like milk and sugar.
  • We use reusable crockery, glassware and cutlery wherever possible.


  • As an international conference, we know that a lot of people travel to the event, including ourselves. We encourage our speakers, delegates and ISEAL colleagues to travel by public transport, walk or cycle where possible. We include details on travel to the venue via these methods on our website.
  • We avoid non-essential travel and reduce our carbon footprint by using a service to offset the carbon for all ISEAL staff who travel to the event.

Waste reduction

  • We always want to share a lot of information with delegates but don't want to hand out loads of paper and materials that will end up in the bin at the end of the day so we try to minimise printing as much as possible. We only print what is necessary and when we do we make sure it uses environmentally friendly inks and responsibly sourced paper, and is printed 2-sided.
  • We also hand out some materials on a USB stick (made from FSC certified wood) that contains useful documents and we make the presentation slides available online after the event.
  • We try to collect back in as many name badges and lanyards as possible at the end of the event so that they can be re-used for next time.
  • We aim to use banners that can be re-used, for example by not having dates on them, so we don’t have to print new ones every year, and we use digital banners where available.
  • We adjust the lighting, heating and air conditioning throughout the event to maintain comfort and avoid energy wastage. Any waste that is produced from the event is recycled where possible.