2018 Global Sustainability Standards Conference

Driving change for greater impact

The Global Sustainability Standards Conference is the leading annual global event for those who support the uptake of credible sustainability standards and certification.

Making standards work for the people, places and issues that matter

Bringing together 250 senior figures, the conference will explore the theme of 'driving change for greater impact' with a deep look into how we can make standards work best for the people, places and issues that matter most.

The conference will put producers and small businesses at the centre of the discussion as we examine topics including deforestation, living income, forced labour and others. We will explore how to address these issues through regional sourcing, access to finance, systems and technology innovations, and collaboration.

Amplifying producer and small business voices

By amplifying producer and SME voices, delving into the results of ISEAL’s recent research on the needs of small producers and enterprises, and using in-depth case studies, we’ll discover how we can strengthen standards systems and collaborations to ensure that they work for those at the start of the supply chain.

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