ISEAL Community Day

The Community Day is a chance for ISEAL’s members and subscribers to come together following the Global Sustainability Standards Conference and go into more depth on the issues and opportunities for standards and certification bodies. It is an opportunity to learn more about each other, build partnerships, share innovations, and make progress on their collective efforts. The 2018 Community Day will take place on 24 May at the Novotel Jaragua Conventions in São Paulo. This year's theme is 'gaining insight from information: using data to create value and improve effectiveness'.

Simultaneous translation will not be available on the Community Day.


ISEAL subscribers are eligible for discounted tickets to the conference as well as access to the Community Day. ISEAL subscribers should click here and log in to access their discount code to purchase cheaper tickets.

Discounted two day passes provide access to activation sessions and the cocktail reception on 22 May, and the conference on 23 May.

Exclusive three day passes provide access to activation sessions and the cocktail reception on 22 May, the conference on 23 May, and the Community Day on 24 May.

Ticket prices

Subscriber rates

Discounted two day pass (22-23 May)

Exclusive three day pass (22-24 May)


$445   $375



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Subscriber benefits

Alongside participation in the Community Day, ISEAL subscribers receive additional benefits, including:
  • Access to special webinars, online content, and opportunities to share and engage with other organisations.
  • Monthly community newsletter with blog posts, articles and technical resources
  • Opportunities to receive training and support services from ISEAL
  • Discounted access to ISEAL training workshops
  • Reduced fees for the Global Sustainability Standards Conference

For newer standards initiatives or someone who engages with standards and ecolabels through sourcing, advocacy, consulting, research or governance, ISEAL subscription can be of great value.