Community Day programme

Gaining insight from information: using data to create value and improve effectiveness

The Community Day brought together members and subscribers to discuss what it means for sustainability standards to deliver greater impact and be more responsive and agile. From continual improvement models to outcome-based standards and assurance, standards systems are trying new approaches and measuring the results to better understand what’s working and what's not.

Harnessing data for better decision-making is needed to increase effectiveness, collaboration and information-sharing. We are well into a new age where technology and information are transforming our ways of working and where innovation will enable leaps in collective sustainability impact.

The day featured sessions that explore the boundaries of the good work that the community is already undertaking to build more effective, information-enabled sustainability standards.

Thursday 24 May

CONNECT || Optional breakfast session: pathway to membership
Learn more about ISEAL membership requirements and the process to become an ISEAL member. We will explain the key steps of the pathway to membership and discuss common questions and challenges. This session will be useful for organisations preparing for or interested in membership, as well as consultants and other partners working with such organisations.
LISTEN || Welcome address
  • Patrick Mallet, Director, Innovations, ISEAL Alliance
LISTEN || Emerging priorities - how should standards respond and stay ahead of the curve?
  • Han de Groot, Chief Executive Officer, Rainforest Alliance
LISTEN || Opening plenary: a vision of collective impact
The ISEAL community is integrating innovative approaches that are moving standards towards a coordinated vision for collective impact. Learn about how standards systems' innovations projects are being aligned to build value and hear about how the day’s sessions will provide insights about how your organisation’s efforts fit within the community’s data innovations goals.
  • Patrick Mallet, Director, Innovations, ISEAL Alliance
Coffee and networking
DISCUSS || Parallel breakout sessions Choose a session to attend
Data for good: audits vs. data
Data is transforming our ways of working. How can we harness its power for good? Join us to explore how data is changing certification and verification. We will discover how exploring new value models for sustainability standards could create opportunities for ISEAL's community.
  • Sönke Fischer, Strategy Director, Accreditation Services International (ASI)
  • Bennett Wetch, Vice President, Technology Innovation, Fair Trade USA
  • Christian Sloth, Responsible Sourcing Programme Manager, Nature Economy and People Connected (NEPCon)
  • Juan Forero, Senior Technical Assistance Officer, Fund
  • Ana Garzón, Innovations Manager, ISEAL Alliance (moderator)
Stepping up: tackling gender inequality in global supply chains
In this interactive session, we will explore key challenges around gender inequality in supply chains, with a focus on the textile sector. Join us to hear about BSR’s forward thinking research on integrating gender into assurance, and contrast this with practical experiences from the ISEAL community. Together, we will discuss gender blind spots in assurance, decent work and where standards systems can and do step up to drive positive outcomes for SDG 5 on women’s empowerment. We will also discuss opportunities for collaboration on gender equality and the work of the newly launched ISEAL gender working group.
  • Lauren Shields, Manager, HERproject, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
  • Rochelle Zaid, Sr. Director Standards and Impacts, Social Accountability International
  • Eric R. Biel, Senior Advisor, Fair Labor Association
  • Norma Tregurtha, Director, Policy and Outreach, ISEAL Alliance (moderator)
CONNECT || Lunch and networking
13:15 - Networking opportunity: topic tables
  • Topic table 1: Smart Campaigns - on standard setting in a digital world and how standards are evolving to encompass digital products and/or services.
  • Topic table 2: ISEAL Alliance - on ISEAL’s work with members to advocate and improve capacity to collect, manage and use geospatial data.
  • Topic table 3: Rainforest Alliance - demonstration of the use of PowerBI or Tableau.
  • Topic table 4: Earth Observation - an introduction to Forest+® and social supply chain technology.
  • Topic table 5: Better Cotton Initiative and Global Coffee Platform - on the Delta Project and how to create a framework for performance monitoring that enables reporting on improvement over time.
DISCUSS || Parallel breakout sessions Choose a session to attend
Building credibility: generating insights for continual learning and improvement
The term 'continual improvement' has become a popular buzzword in sustainability. But what does it actually mean in the context of sustainability standards systems and how can we employ this approach in a credible and effective way? What do we consider minimum requirements for credible progress, and what incentives work to drive this forward? Join us for an interactive session to hear from practical experiences of the ISEAL community, on how they are driving improvement for enterprises and grappling with some of these questions.
  • Chisara Ehiemere, Business Director, Field to Market
  • Yemi Oloruntuyi, Head, Developing World and Accessibility Programme, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  • Mona Karraoui, Programme Manager, Credibility, GEO Foundation
  • André de Freitas, Executive Director, Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)
  • Patrick Mallet, Director, Innovations, ISEAL Alliance (moderator)
Fast track your monitoring and evaluation using data
In this hands-on workshop, we will learn about the power of software tools in data analytics and practical ways you can use them. We will also explore new approaches and data sources that can be used to create value from information for assurance, M&E and beyond.
  • Eugene Kogan, Chief Technology Officer, Rainforest Alliance
  • Matthew Snyder, Business Intelligence Manager, Rainforest Alliance
  • Jochen Kleboth, Food Business Data Scientist and PhD researcher, Wageningen University
  • Ana Garzón, Innovations Manager, ISEAL Alliance (moderator)
Coffee and networking
SHARE || Increasing the pace of innovation: Working together to create value for sustainability
An interactive session to reflect on the day's sessions and develop practical next steps for collaborations to create value from data.
REFLECT || Closing remarks from ISEAL
  • Karin Kreider, Executive Director, ISEAL Alliance
Conference close and networking drinks