Research Webinar 27: Evaluation of UTZ certification contribution to the socio-economic situation of cocoa famers in Ivory Coast.

This webinar presents an evaluation of the contribution of certification and related activities of UTZ and traders to the socio-economic situation of cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast. The aim of this study undertaken in 2017 was to analyze contributions of UTZ certification and trader interventions to cocoa farm-households using a mixed methods approach. The outcome areas the study focuses on are: increased yields, improved income, improved working and living conditions, and better protection of water and soil. The study also focused on elaborating on the impact of UTZ at farm household level, interventions and changes at the level of producer groups, traders and service providers. The study is an endline comparing data to a 2012-2013 baseline study conducted by Wageningen Economic Research in Ivory Coast for UTZ, IDH, Cargill and Solidaridad.