Research webinar 29: The Impact of International Cooperative Initiatives on Biodiversity

Traditionally, governments are seen as responsible for biodiversity protection. But more and more, initiatives of private, non-state actors show a large potential to contribute to biodiversity conservation and enhancement. In this webinar, the results of examining such ICIB-initiatives mostly on forest-related initiatives to quantify the global contribution potential of sustainable forest management (SFM) certification to forest protection and biodiversity improvement will be presented. In order to assess this impact, a ‘3-tiered assessment framework’ was applied containing three levels of analysis: (a) number of projects or number of conservation and sustainable use areas realized (‘SFM areas’), (b) positive biodiversity effects attained in different forest types and world regions (‘biodiversity impact’), and (c) examples of positive biodiversity effects in specific cases on the ground (‘evidence base’). Knowing the potential contribution of sustainability standards to forest protection is relevant for both global biodiversity governance mechanisms, like the CBD mainstreaming agenda, and national policy support for upscaling the market shares of certified forest products.