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ISEAL Assurance Code Interpretation
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ISEAL Assurance Code v2 Compliance Checklist v1.1
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Show description Use this template to complete your Compliance Checklist for the Assurance Code. Please note this is version 2 of the Assurance Code. For membership applications in 2018, you may apply with version 1 or version 2. From 2019 all applications must be made using version 2.
Webinar | The future of assurance is data
Show description Patrick Mallet (Innovations Director) and Ana Garzon (Innovations Manager) have led the recent revision of the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice. In this webinar, Patrick and Ana explore how a focus on data and information management in assurance can improve both the effectiveness of the assurance process and the value of that process for certifying enterprise, supply chain actors and the scheme owners themselves.
Webinar | Inside an Audit: How to make assurance in supply chains credible?
Show description ISEAL’s Innovations Director Patrick Mallet discusses the critical factors that help independent assurance programmes be credible and effective, including what new innovations and models are emerging that may rapidly change how compliance with standards are assessed in the future.
ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice Version 2.0
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Show description The latest version (version 2, published in February 2018) of the Code of Good Practice for Assuring Compliance with Social and Environmental Standards.
Research webinar 7 | Compliance processes in transnational private governance: The case of marine sustainability standards
Show description This webinar presents a research project that examines compliance processes in transnational private sustainability governance, using marine sustainability standards as a case study. This webinar, held on 22nd September 2016, reports on a research project that examines compliance processes in transnational private sustainability governance. Based on the publicly available assessment report of fisheries starting the certification process with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), it examines the influence of characteristics of fisheries, the MSC…