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ISEAL Membership Application Documents
Show description These are the key information and reporting documents for preparing and submitting an ISEAL membership application.
ISEAL Member Public System Reports
Show description ISEAL members produce and annually update a public system report for each of the ISEAL Codes. The main goal of these reports is to provide a simplified overview of an organisation’s standard-setting, assurance and monitoring and evaluation systems. These are the most recent reports published by each of our standard-setting members. We only publish public system reports after a member has completed an external evaluation (peer review or independent evaluation). Thereafter, each subsequent yearly updated report remains public. Reports for…
ISEAL Assurance Code Interpretation
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ISEAL Standard-Setting Code Interpretation
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ISEAL Assurance Code v2 Compliance Checklist v1.1
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Show description Use this template to complete your Compliance Checklist for the Assurance Code. Please note this is version 2 of the Assurance Code. For membership applications in 2018, you may apply with version 1 or version 2. From 2019 all applications must be made using version 2.
ISEAL Impacts Code v2 Compliance Checklist v2.1
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Show description <p>Use this template&nbsp;to complete your Compliance Checklist&nbsp;for the Impacts&nbsp;Code.</p>
ISEAL Standard-Setting Code v6 Compliance Checklist v2.1
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Show description Use this template to complete your Compliance Checklist for the Standard-Setting Code.
ISEAL Code Compliance Requirements for Standard-Setting Members
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Show description This document outlines the steps for ISEAL standard-setting members to reach compliance with each of the three Codes of Good Practice (Standard-Setting, Impacts and Assurance) within given time frames, and how compliance will be assessed.
ISEAL Member Requirements
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Show description This document outlines the eligibility and compliance requirements for ISEAL membership that apply to standard-setting and accreditation bodies.
ISEAL Membership Application Procedure
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Show description This procedure outlines the process for submitting a membership application for standard-setting organisations, how the application will be evaluated and the subsequent steps required to make a final decision on the outcome of the application.