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How sustainability standards can learn from interoperability in the metals, minerals and mining sectors
Show description This ISEAL-led project was completed in 2018 and involved an executive summary, a summary report and a webinar on the topic of cross-sector learning on interoperability from the metals, minerals and mining sector.
Research webinars
Webinar | ISEAL members collective reporting efforts - findings and learnings
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Show description <p>ISEAL member schemes have collaborated on shared reporting since 2011. In this webinar, ISEAL presents the key findings and learnings from two recently published collaborative collective reporting projects.&nbsp;<br /> The first of these focusses on the issue of multiple certification in the coffee and cocoa sectors - better understand to what extent farmers are certified by one or more ISEAL member scheme, to identify key characteristics of multiple certified certificate holders, and to examine regional and commodity-…
Webinar | The role of sustainability standards in ending situations of forced labour in supply chains
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Show description The shift in recent years towards a more sustainable global economy has seen an increasing focus on how businesses address human rights and potential labour exploitation in their supply chains. Companies are now expected to go beyond public commitments, and face the task of operationalising human rights policies in a transparent fashion. Credible standards organisations have proven to be important tools to bridge the implementation gap of these policies, raising the question of how standards systems are equipped to identify forced labour and…
Webinar | Understanding the reality for producers: insights from ISEAL’s producer needs survey
Show description Small-scale producers and SMEs are at the heart of sustainability standards and their innovations agenda. To maximise the value of standards to producers, we need to hear from the producers themselves – what are their priorities and constraints? How has involvement in standards benefitted them? What barriers do they face? To try and answer these questions, ISEAL conducted a survey on the needs of certified small-scale producers in five countries. Joshua Wickerham, ISEAL Policy & Outreach Manager, guides us through key insights from the…
Webinar | How effective are sustainability standards in driving uptake of sustainable practices?
Show description A key characteristic of sustainability standards is defining and helping to improve production practices across sectors. Sustainability standards work with certified businesses to improve their knowledge and application of more sustainable production or trading practices. However, most research focuses on the final sustainability outcomes and impacts of standards. Less is known about the step before that: are the practices defined by standards being applied? What is the role that standards systems play in changing the practices of certified…
Webinar | The future of assurance is data
Show description Patrick Mallet (Innovations Director) and Ana Garzon (Innovations Manager) have led the recent revision of the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice. In this webinar, Patrick and Ana explore how a focus on data and information management in assurance can improve both the effectiveness of the assurance process and the value of that process for certifying enterprise, supply chain actors and the scheme owners themselves.
Webinar | Developing a Theory of Change: The foundation of a robust M&E system
Show description ISEAL's Kristin Komives presents a webinar in the Sustainability Standards Essentials series on key concepts in the development of a Theory of Change (ToC) for a standard system. This webinar broadly covers the key elements of a ToC and three important applications: M&E, strategic planning and communications. In presenting this, Kristin draws on lessons learned from standards systems about how to successfully engage stakeholders in the process of developing a ToC. Kristin illustrates all the core concepts with examples from ISEAL…
Webinar | Driving innovation in sustainability standards systems: a closer look
Show description <p>In this webinar, ISEAL’s Director of Impacts Kristin Komives shines a spotlight on the ISEAL Innovations Programme to explore some of the innovations that ISEAL members are involved in, including projects supported by ISEAL’s new Innovations Fund, such as blockchain and geospatial data.</p>
Research webinar 23 | Environmental-economic benefits and trade-offs on certified coffee farms
Show description Research webinar with Jeremy Haggar (Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich) and Gabriela Soto (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) on the environmental and economic benefits and trade-offs on certified coffee farms. This webinar presented on Wednesday 29th November 2017 looks at findings on economic and environmental outcomes on certified coffee farms in Nicaragua and economic outcomes in Costa Rica and Guatemala, evaluated using the COSA assessment framework. It also explores how certification outcomes vary relative to…