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Colombian coffee farmers picking cherries © Rainforest Alliance
Colombian coffee farmers picking cherries © Rainforest Alliance
ISEAL membership is open to any mission-driven, multi-stakeholder based sustainability standard-setting organisation or accreditation body, which supports the ISEAL Credibility Principles and meets our membership requirements.

Overview of membership

ISEAL members are united in their goal to improve the impacts of standards for the benefit of people and the environment. They are some of the most established and influential standards and certification programmes in the world, with increasing market uptake in a number of sectors. We are open to local, regional and international standards systems. International accreditation bodies are also welcome to apply.

Members are part of a unique learning community and, by implementing ISEAL’s Codes, they ensure credible practices and strong systems in the core areas of standard-settingimpacts evaluation and assurance that we believe will lead to greater impact. Despite their diverse objectives, sectors and approaches, ISEAL members recognise the value of working together to achieve common goals and the difference they can make by being part of a strong sustainability standards movement.

Member benefits include:

  • ISEAL-facilitated collaboration on joint advocacy and communications projects, and other innovative projects with members to improve the effectiveness, uptake and impacts of their systems. ISEAL is able to leverage funding from the public and private sector to invest in projects to strengthen members’ systems and raise awareness about what credible practice looks like for sustainability standards systems.
  • Recognition from key stakeholders that members lead the sustainability standards movement. Through our compliance programme members demonstrate they meet minimum performance criteria and are committed to learning and improving. Governments and businesses are increasingly seeing ISEAL membership as a mark of trust.
  • Code compliance support and guidance is provided to members to help them grow. ISEAL commissions research reports to help members find new and innovative ways to be more effective and impactful, and develops training resources to support internal capacity building and knowledge development.   
  • Discounted or free access to tailored training, public workshops and ISEAL’s annual Global Sustainability Standards Conference, in addition to Members’ Week, the major annual event for ISEAL members to meet and make progress on collaborative projects and ISEAL-led working groups.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The application fee is €3,500.

The annual membership fee in 2016 is €4,000 + 0.003% of annual income (capped at 40,000 EUR). In 2017 the fee will be €4,500 + 0.0035 (capped at €45,000).

The annual compliance fees are in the region of an additional €2,800-3,600.

For more information, please see the ISEAL Member Fee schedule.