Webinar | Why system credibility matters for impacts: how the Credibility Principles can support effectiveness and impacts

Public webinar: In 2013, ISEAL launched the Credibility Principles, which provide an international reference for defining the foundations of credible practices for sustainability standards. Over the last decade there has also been increasing interest and research into specific principles such as transparency, accessibility and how system credibility is an important factor influencing impacts. Much of this academic work has been led by scholars who research the design, uptake and implementation of sustainability standards as voluntary, private, non-governmental modes of regulating business and market behaviour.

In this webinar, we will hear from leading scholars in this field on insights gained from this body of work and what it means for the ongoing review of the ISEAL Credibility Principles. We will particularly explore the question of how system design and credibility influences the impacts and effectiveness of what standards schemes can deliver and how this can be improved.


  • Graeme Auld, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University
  • Janina Grabs, Sustainability Governance Researcher, Environmental Policy Lab, ETH Zürich
  • Philip Schleifer, Associate Professor of Transnational Governance, Political Science Department, University of Amsterdam
  • Hamish Van Der Ven, Assistant Professor, School of Environment and the Department of Political Science, McGill University


  • Vidya Rangan, Senior Manager, Impacts and Evidence, ISEAL

This webinar is part of ISEAL’s public consultation on the revision of the ISEAL Credibility Principles.