Living income public workshop | Empowering action towards improving living income

Join the Living Income Community of Practice in this multi-sector event that gathers experts from around the globe. You can listen to previous editions of the workshop here. We will be announcing the agenda and speakers soon.

Session 1: Definition and technical concepts on how we define and measure a Living income.

This session introduces the definition and technical concepts on how we define and measure a Living income. We present what a Living income is and discuss different approaches towards measuring and gaining insights on actual household income.  It is an interactive session that allows participants to raise question, request clarity around concepts and discuss challenge areas.

​This session is particularly useful for those new to concept or relevant actors / sectors embarking on a pathway to living income. Nevertheless, it also provides sufficient details on practical insights for those already adopting living income approaches and looking to connect on understanding key considerations.

Session 2:  Closing the Income Gap-Sector advancements, Role of different actors and Challenges faced.

In this session, participants will be able to hear the progress from different sectors and join the discussions as we discuss the different role of actors and the various interventions to closing the income gaps. Each of which will have discussants to present the headlines of their work on the topic and support the discussion on key topics.

Some of the challenges discussed will be to explore what is needed to make agriculture attractive for youth, what is the sphere of influence of retailers, the role of trading houses and the main policy levers needed from consuming and producing countries.