Public webinar | Credibility Principles v2: Collaboration, Value creation, Stakeholder engagement and Transparency

Public webinar: From producers to consumers, individual production sites to entire jurisdictions, what expectations do the Credibility Principles set for sustainability systems around engaging with stakeholders, creating value for users, and collaborating with others to drive change? Join experts and practitioners from industry, advocacy organisations, research institutes and sustainability systems to learn about what implementing the Credibility Principles might look like in practice.

Join us alongside speakers: 

Ritu Baruah, India Programme Manager, Bonsucro

Joana Barata Correia, IWAY Development Manager, Inter IKEA Group Sustainability

Kelly Roebuck, SeaChoice representative, Living Oceans Society

Gita Syahrani, Head of Secretariat, Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari   





This is part of a webinar series co-hosted by ISEAL and Evidensia