Public webinar | Credibility Principles v2: Sustainability impacts, Measurable progress, Continual improvement and Transparency

Public webinar: Credible sustainability systems drive sustainability impacts, measure progress, and learn from their activities to continually improve their strategies and their results. These aspects of ISEAL’s newly revised Credibility Principles speak to changing expectations and ambitions when it comes to the impacts of sustainability systems, as well as the influence of new technologies and approaches (such as data-driven assurance and emerging monitoring and evaluation methodologies). Hear practitioners and subject experts reflect on how these topics are embedded in the ISEAL Credibility Principles and the real-world implications of sustainability systems implementing the principles.

Join us alongside speakers: 

Luis-Felipe Duchicela, Senior Advisor for Indigenous Peoples’ Issues, US Agency for International Development

Betsy Hickman, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Implementation, Field to Market

Axel Marx, Deputy Director at the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, University of Leuven

Kendra Pasztor, Senior Manager -  Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, Better Cotton Initiative



This is part of a webinar series co-hosted by ISEAL and Evidensia