Public workshop | Virtual Living Income October 2021 Workshop

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in severe economic and social disruption, challenging public health, food systems and affecting lives and livelihoods of millions of producers. Added to that, the most vulnerable are at the greatest risk from climate change. Escaping poverty is becoming increasingly difficult, as is building pathways to living income for rural families.

What can we do to support climate-resilient livelihoods that ensure and sustain enough income for families to afford a decent standard of living? What efforts can be taken to prevent producers from falling into extreme poverty? Immediate and purposeful action is needed and that requires solidarity and support across a network of actors. We aim to discuss what has worked and find innovative resolutions to better mitigate and improve this situation.

Join the Living Income Community of Practice virtual workshop as we discuss and debate what needs to be done to ensure a decent standard of living for all. Run over three days, this workshop will consist of various segments held in multiple languages. 

More information available here.