Policymakers’ perspectives on the ISEAL Code of Good Practice | Code consultation webinar

Public webinar. By driving sustainability standards and similar systems to adopt credible practices, the ISEAL Code of Good Practice is intended to help policymakers identify and use effective sustainability systems. Join us in this webinar to discuss the role of voluntary sustainability systems in public policy and the importance of being able to identify credible and effective systems that can support policy objectives. 

The first consultation draft of the revised and integrated Code of Good Practice responds to recent policy developments and introduces new requirements so that sustainability standards and similar systems can continue to play a critical role in contributing to systemic solutions to social and environmental challenges. This webinar will give an overview of the role of sustainability systems in a policy context. We will highlight where the Code aligns with the direction of policy developments, and we will discuss the key impacts of the changes. The workshop is targeted at policymakers and civil society, but it is open to all stakeholders, and will be interactive, with opportunities to contribute to the discussion and for providing feedback. 

Joining us in conversation are representatives from the ISEAL Code of Good Practice Steering Group:
•    Vincent Frimpong Manu, Middle Belt Development Authority (Ghana)
•    Weijia XIA (Vivian), China Association for Standardization
•    Alison Kinn Bennett, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency