Innovation and credibility across a range of sustainability systems | Code consultation workshop

Public workshop. In recent years there has been a growing range of market-based approaches tackling fundamental sustainability challenges. These go beyond standards and certification to include a diversity of sustainability systems such as performance verification approaches, improvement monitoring programmes, or ratings systems. To support stakeholders in navigating this evolving space, the ISEAL Code of Good Practice is intended to apply to a wide range of sustainability systems with the aim of encouraging innovation whilst defining and promoting credible practices that will support the integrity of all systems. 
This workshop will discuss the changes we are seeing in how sustainability systems are operating, and we will look at the potential application of the Code to these systems. We will summarise the key changes that are relevant to this question of promoting both innovation and credibility across a wide range of sustainability systems, providing opportunity for discussion and feedback. 

Joining us in conversation are representatives from the ISEAL Code of Good Practice Steering Group:
•    Kate Robinson, Sedex
•    Chrissa Borja, Grow Asia