Improving wage auditing and verification to advance action

As corporate commitments to act on low wages and close living wage gaps ramp up, the need of the hour is building and strengthening systems that can help verify living wage actions and track progress on wage improvements for workers. Audits – both company led within the supply chain and through third party certification schemes – have an important role to play in assessing prevailing worker wages, verifying gaps and now tracking and verifying wage improvements as a result of specific living wage actions. Over the last two years, ISEAL, with support from IDH, has been studying current practices, challenges and identifying good practices to strengthen wage auditing in light of increasing demands, use of new tools and the need for robust verification at scale. This public webinar hosted by the two organisations will present our learnings on this topic to date and invite discussion on what needs our focus over the next five years to strengthen wage auditing. This event is for practitioners working within companies, sustainability standards and auditing bodies who are active in wage auditing and wish to contribute to the proceedings.


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