ISEAL unveils new strategy to 2020

Photo © LEAF-UK
Photo © LEAF-UK
ISEAL's Board has signed off on its new strategy from 2017-2020 focusing on how ISEAL members will drive sustainability at scale.

This month, ISEAL's Board of Directors signed off on an ambitious new strategy for the Alliance from 2017 to 2020. The four year strategy, titled "Driving Sustainability at Scale" looks at how ISEAL members aspire to be relevant, inclusive, collaborative and effective sustainability platforms that positively impact the world’s most urgent problems.  The strategy outlines how ISEAL members understand that to achieve their ambitious commitment they have to significantly increase the effectiveness of their systems through innovation and collaboration, and harness their unique, core assets to drive sustainability at all levels, and at scale. 

The strategy also sets out four priorities for the ISEAL Secretariat over the next four years.  Those priorities are:

  1. Deliver credibility expertise – ISEAL’s Credibility Principles and Codes will inform the design of and choice between sustainability tools and initiatives.  Standards systems around the world will use the ISEAL Codes to develop and improve, and will look to ISEAL membership for a community of practice.
  2. Measure and share impacts – ISEAL will be the go-to source that provides companies and governments with trustworthy, compelling information about standards’ impacts and business value, and standards’ contribution to issues of concern.
  3. Improve effectiveness and catalyse new solutions – ISEAL will create new value for companies and other users by increasing accessibility and providing a real-time, data-driven understanding of risk and performance.  It will collaborate on critical sustainability issues and partner with others on full sector or regional transformations.
  4. Build support for credible standards – ISEAL will be a trusted partner to governments, the finance sector, NGOs, and multinational companies who are working on sustainability solutions at scale. Sustainability dialogues in regional influence hubs will highlight the positive impacts and value of sustainability standards.

Finally, ISEAL members lay out in the strategy how they commit to embodying the ISEAL Credibility Principles and communicating them to people who are developing new approaches for sustainability.

Download the ISEAL 2020 Strategy.

In January, ISEAL will be hosting a webinar where Executive Director, Karin Kreider will be sharing the strategy as well as the key activities for ISEAL in 2017.