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Eliminating modern slavery and human trafficking in supply chains

Norma Tregurtha, Director, Policy and Outreach at ISEAL considers the role of businesses in tackling forced labour.

FSC position paper asks companies to recognise limitations of life cycle analysis

The paper from FSC asks companies, researchers or public authorities, when using LCAs to recognise its limitations, and to address these upfront with requiring evidence of sustainable sources of raw materials. For natural resource based materials, the paper asks for certified products to fill in the gaps.

ISEAL members at COP 21!

ISEAL members are at this year's historic COP21 meeting to provide their input on the role standards systems can play in mitigating climate change.

Pressões de mercado devem impulsionar processo de consumo sustentável

Diretor de gestão ambiental da FIESP destaca as mudanças no sistema de produção e perfil do consumidor frente a sustentabilidade

How can sustainability standards help mitigate water risks?

Water is increasingly being recognised as the biggest risk facing businesses and supply chains. With agriculture using more than 70% of the world’s freshwater, agricultural standards have a key role to play.

ISEAL members trending up in India

It has been over two years since ISEAL started its work in India, as part of our emerging economies focused project with the Swiss government. A recent member meeting in Delhi was not only an opportunity to advance our project activities, it also allowed members to reflect on how the Indian landscape has evolved and to share the impressive progress that each have made.

Palm oil flooding into India but sustainability not following suit, according to latest report

A new report produced through support from ISEAL analyses the reasons why demand for sustainable palm oil is lagging in the world's largest palm oil consuming country.

Countdown to the EU's Public Procurement Directive

By the end of 2013, we are expecting the EU's new Public Procurement Directives to be released, which will be an important articulation of how government purchasing of products and services can support social and environmental objectives. The following blog post was published by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office on how discussions are shaping up.

Sustainability standards, certification systems and ecolabels: Separating the wheat from the chaff

ISEAL was invited to write an article for newsletter of ECO-Buy, an organisation that promotes green products and supports companies to make sustainable procurement ‘business as usual’. Here we explain how the Credibility Principles could become a powerful tool for supporting sustainable purchasing.

UTZ Certified sharpens focus on climate change

UTZ Certified has released a position paper outlining its efforts to support climate change mitigation and adaptation in agriculture. The paper explains how climate change is addressed in certification requirements and how the organisation is scaling up its activities with special climate change projects.
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