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Together, ISEAL members are making a real mark

ISEAL members are working together to share how they are ‘making a real mark’ in the world through their common, proven approach that is reaching scale.

Sialkot, Pakistan living wage significantly higher than new government poverty line wage, minimum wage, and prevailing wages

A new living wage benchmark report from the Global Living Wage Coalition found a gap from around 50% to over 100% on key wage comparisons in Sialkot, Pakistan.

New report finds prevailing wages in Uttar Pradesh, India 45 percent below a living wage

The Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) has released a new living wage benchmark report that looks at living wages in rural Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Delivering impacts information on sustainability standards

New website provides credible evidence on the impact of sustainability standards to help businesses show how they are helping deliver social and environmental improvements.

Rescued from the looms: my visit to a GoodWeave childrens' centre

Recently I travelled to Nepal and got a chance to visit a rehabilitation centre run by GoodWeave. There I met a group of children who all previously worked as bonded labourers.

Towards a living wage in Vietnam: an interview

This week I'm at the Asia living wage conference in Pakistan. The Global Living Wage Coalition is working on high quality living wage benchmarks using the Anker Methodology. We talked to the local expert who worked on the Vietnam benchmark about what this may come to mean for her country's workers.

Sustainable Agriculture Network/Rainforest Alliance release new impacts report

A new report shows the impacts of Sustainable Agriculture Network/Rainforest Alliance certification.

18 Living wage benchmarks underway, criteria to be embedded in standards

With 18 benchmarks in progress and 20 researchers already trained, the group of six standards systems is getting set up to further integrate living wage into their respective standards. More companies and government partners are sought to support the development of benchmarks and to use them in wage dialogues.

ISEAL commissions three impact evaluations in Kenya, India and Indonesia

Standards systems are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their impacts on the ground. To help contribute to high quality research on the impacts of certification, ISEAL is commissioning three new impact evaluations as part of our Ford Foundation funded ‘Demonstrating and Improving Poverty Impacts’ project. These evaluations aim to answer the important question of whether certification improves the livelihoods of smallholders and contributes to poverty alleviation.

How can standards systems help empower women in the supply chain?

As a relatively new area of focus for standards systems, gendered strategies have great potential for creating impact through the supply chain.
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