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New report: ISEAL members more transparent and supportive to small producers than other sustainability standards

A new policy report finds a positive relationship between ISEAL membership and “producer-friendly” sustainability standards systems.

Using sustainability certification to improve mining standards

A recent study finds that sustainability standards can add value to the mining and minerals sector.

Low bar or high bar: scaling up while maintaining credibility

More and more we see a tension between the call to raise the bar of sustainability standards and the need to ensure they remain accessible to small holders and small and medium businesses.

Credible sustainability standards continue to grow

The latest market data on voluntary sustainability standards shows a clear trend: the production volume and number of certified products from almost all standards have increased over the past five years.

ISEAL Innovations Fund begins to bear fruit

A ground-breaking data digitisation project led by UTZ is the first of eight new Innovations Fund initiatives.

New research shows retailers should lead the way in transforming forestry supply chains

A new WWF report finds that responsible sourcing of forest products is good for businesses. Retail companies with robust responsible sourcing policies are seeing tangible benefits.

Responsible Jewellery Council and Alliance for Responsible Mining working together to reduce the burden of audits

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) will harmonise their assurance systems where possible and pilot combined Fairmined and chain of custody audits to reduce audit burden.

Illustrating the economic benefits of credible sustainability standards

New ISEAL infographic illustrates how certified commodities have lower external costs benefiting farmers, the environment and society.

What’s the business case for certification for small producers?

Sustainability standards are helping millions of farmers to protect their environment, communities and livelihoods by helping them to manage their operations sustainably and to access support and global markets. However, what is the business case for certification for the small producer?

Call for collaboration to achieve sustainable palm oil in Indonesia

TFA News recently published an article, written by Kate Bottriell of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), calling on the palm oil industry in Indonesia to work together in creating the reforms needed to overcome barriers to sustainability.
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