10 Years of ISEAL: Take a look at the 2012 Annual Report

Photo of the ISEAL Conference © ISEAL Alliance
Photo of the ISEAL Conference © ISEAL Alliance
Out now, our 2012 Annual Report highlights the growth in the standards movement and ISEAL's continued work to define credibility and support the increased sustainability impact and effectiveness of social and environmental standards systems.

This year's annual report reflects the standards movement's increasing emphasis on impact and the ISEAL Secretariat's focus on cementing the link between credible practices and benefits for people and the environment, through our work on the Credibility Principles, assurance, and in emerging economies.

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In 2012 we celebrated our tenth anniversary and some of the organisation's biggest milestones to date. With a decade of work behind us, we are seeing sustainability standards systems become  a global force in promoting sustainable supply chains and fostering progress in diverse sectors.

We finalised our third Code of Good Practice, the Assurance Code, a forward-looking document that articulates what credible certification looks like while recognising the importance of innovation (to ensure a balance of rigour and accessibility). We embarked on year-long global consultation to reach agreement on the core values of an effective standards system, the Credibility Principles, which launched in 2013. We also started a ground-breaking project to increase the use and influence of sustainability standards in emerging economies and public procurement and continued  our work with a group of ISEAL members to demonstrate poverty impacts collaboratively.

2012 also marked:

  • The first phase of our strategic review to determine the ISEAL Alliance's aims for 2014-2016
  • The transition of two organisation to full membership and four new associate members
  • Significant progress in the monitoring and evaluation systems of many ISEAL members
  • Increasing coordination of members in areas such as pesticides and producer access
  • The launch of a new website and multimedia tools to provide a vibrant learning hub for standards systems

Download the report here or read an electronic version

Our annual reports from 2011 and 2010 are also available to read and download