Equitable Origin approved as ISEAL full member

EO team at oil field © Equitable Origin
EO team at oil field © Equitable Origin
The ISEAL Alliance announced today that Equitable Origin has successfully completed the process for becoming an ISEAL full member. The organisation, which aims to bring transparency and accountability to oil and gas operations through a certification programme, has attained the highest membership status in ISEAL by demonstrating that it has credible and effective systems in place.

The ISEAL Board of Directors made the decision at its April meetings in Amsterdam, based on a recommendation from the ISEAL Membership Committee and a successful independent evaluation against the Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards (Standard-Setting Code) that demonstrated overall compliance. Equitable Origin also had to demonstrate concrete progress in implementing the Impacts Code, which was verified through a review by the ISEAL Secretariat.

Equitable Origin joined ISEAL as an associate member in 2012, becoming the first certification initiative in the ISEAL Alliance operating in the oil and gas sector. Recognising that fossil fuels will continue to play a role in the global economy for years to come, even as we all seek to reduce our dependence on them, Equitable Origin aims to drive more responsible environmental practices and promote the rights of local communities and workers in the extractive industries.

Founded in 2009 out of awareness of the devastating impacts that irresponsible oil and gas development can have in Latin America, Equitable Origin is a multi-stakeholder standards system that includes oil and gas companies, NGOs and independent experts. Its certification, certificate trading and ecolabel system are based on the EO100™ Standard, which focuses on key aspects such as community development, indigenous people’s rights, climate change and biodiversity. 

“Today, the world is looking to multi-stakeholder standards and certification initiatives to drive change in a range of important and challenging commodity sectors, from cattle and soy to mining and electronics,” said ISEAL Executive Director, Karin Kreider.  “Equitable Origin is working to make a difference in a very difficult industry and we congratulate them on demonstrating the credibility of their systems. We look forward to seeing them progress, working alongside the standards organisations that make up the ISEAL Alliance.”

ISEAL full members, which include Fairtrade International4C Association and Marine Stewardship Council, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, Responsible Jewellery Council and many others, represent some of the most influential standards and ecolabels in the world, all with sustainability objectives at their forefront. Membership in ISEAL helps to distinguish their adoption of credible practices and their commitment to delivering and improving positive impacts through standards. The transition from associate to full membership reflects the verified progress that organisations make on implementing ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice.

“ISEAL’s Codes and credibility tools, as well as the engagement with like-minded standards in the ISEAL Alliance, are important for us to strengthen our systems. We firmly believe that being an ISEAL member will help us to scale up our impacts in the long term,” said David Poritz, President and Co-Founder of Equitable Origin.

About ISEAL Membership

Membership in the ISEAL Alliance is open to any international sustainability standards system that has a multi-stakeholder approach and supports the ISEAL Credibility Principles. Achieving ISEAL membership consists of a learning pathway and checks of compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, which ensure that standard-setters have well-functioning systems in place that embrace credibility and effectiveness. The commitment of ISEAL’s members to delivering positive impact, to embracing credible practices, and to improving with their like-minded peers, is the hallmark of what it means to be part of the ISEAL Alliance.

To find out more about membership: www.isealalliance.org/our-members