Forest Stewardship Council and Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance collaboration

Photo © Vlad Sokhin, Forest Stewardship Council
Photo © Vlad Sokhin, Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) have formed a collaboration to increase consistency and meet the needs of their stakeholders.

Forestry and mining contribute to the supply chains of a variety of sectors such as technology, jewellery, consumer packaging, building materials, apparel, transportation, energy and more.

Providing independent assurance

Many leading purchasers and retailers, sourcing raw materials from both forestry and mining operations, are committed to responsible sourcing and seek independent assurance of their practices. This collaboration aims to meet their needs, supporting their commitments to environmental and social responsibility.

Working towards a mutual goal of driving environmental and social responsibility, IRMA and FSC are well positioned to serve the requirements of the market and encourage efficiencies that will benefit all stakeholders.

Sharing learning

IRMA, an ISEAL subscriber, hopes to benefit from the expertise and insights of full ISEAL member, FSC, following the precedents set by FSC throughout the development of IRMA’s system and Standard for Responsible Mining.

FSC and IRMA would like to hear from industry, purchasers, civil society leaders, investors, governments, insurers and other users of the FSC and IRMA certification systems on how the collaboration might better serve their needs.