GoodWeave joins other leading standards as ISEAL full member

The ISEAL Alliance announced this week that GoodWeave has successfully completed the process for becoming an ISEAL full member. The organisation, which aims to put an end to child labour in the handmade carpet and rug industry, joins an impressive group of credible sustainability standards that are in full compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice.

ISEAL members, which include Fairtrade International, 4C Association and Marine Stewardship Council, boast a privileged status in sectors that range from agriculture and forestry, to mining and biofuels because of their robust systems and their commitment to standards that deliver sustainability impact. By meeting the requirements of ISEAL’s Standard-Setting Code and demonstrating concrete progress toward compliance with the Impacts Code, ISEAL full members represent credibility in the sustainability standards movement due to their adherence to international norms of best practice.

By graduating from associate to full member, GoodWeave demonstrates its alignment with ISEAL’s core values and its ability to comply with the Codes of Good Practice. ISEAL members have standards systems that are transparent and accessible and whose impacts are measurable. They also recognise the importance of coordination with other standards in ISEAL’s growing community.

“Our top organisational priority is to demonstrate excellence within GoodWeave’s certification process to ensure our system effectively addresses child labour in the supply chains we monitor,” said Nina Smith, the founding Executive Director of GoodWeave USA. “We’re also interested in exploring ways to collaborate with other ISEAL members to accomplish more through our collective impact. ISEAL membership helps us achieve both." 

GoodWeave is an internationally recognised leader in combatting one of the most serious social issues in textile production around the world. Founded in 1994 and formerly called Rugmark International, it runs a certification programme for eliminating exploitive production in the handmade carpet industry in places such as India, Nepal and Afghanistan through its no-child-labour standard. Said ISEAL’s Executive Director Karin Kreider about the announcement, “GoodWeave is a great model for how certification can be a trusted tool for raising awareness about an important global issue and providing businesses with a practical way to address it.”

The organisation has been vital in helping to reduce the number of children involved in carpet-making work from roughly 1 million in 1995 to 250,000 today. Essential to achieving its mission of rescuing children from situations such as trafficked or bonded labour is GoodWeave’s focus on education and community support to get at the root causes of child labour. Stories of young children being given a new start in life bring home the impact of the organisation’s work. Through awareness raising, a robust certification programme and specialised rehabilitation centres, GoodWeave is helping to protect children’s rights and provide education in some of the poorest areas of the world.

Soon the GoodWeave Standard will also begin incorporating other social and environmental criteria, such as safe working conditions and fair wages, which are important for making the industry, which sells over 8 million carpets annually to Western markets, more ethical and sustainable.

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Director of Communications
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