Invitation to participate to the Better Cotton Initiative standard revision

The second public consultation on the BCI Standard Revision is now open. All stakeholders are invited to provide their comments on the revised draft before 25 January, 2017.

Over the last 18 months, BCI has been in the process of revising the Principles and Criteria, one component of the Better Cotton Standard System. Significant changes have been proposed and discussed by stakeholders representing all groups of interest impacted by the implementation of the Better Cotton Standard System (BCSS) around the globe. Some of these changes relate to the structure of the standard, others to the content through key sustainability matters.

Some innovative topics have been integrated into this version such as water stewardship, biodiversity and soil management planning, land use change, climate change mitigation and adaptation among others.

A first consultation in January 2016 validated some of these structural, as well as social and environmental changes. They were subsequently debated and agreed among the BCI project team and the Standard Setting and Revision Committee members, supported by key partners and experts. Various key stakeholders have come together since then to evaluate relevancy of the changes.

The second public consultation started on the 7th December, and is open for a duration of 45 days. All stakeholders are now invited to spread the news and actively participate in the second consultation by providing their comments before 25 January 2017

To do so, please visit the BCI Standard Revision webpage and follow the instructions. 

We are looking forward to your input and support!