Accreditation Services International

ASI – Accreditation Services International GmbH – is an assurance partner for leading sustainability standard systems and initiatives around the world

ASI delivers accreditation services and engages with scheme owners to increase the effectiveness of their systems. ASI’s work as an independent third-party accreditation body safeguards the integrity of voluntary social and environmental standards, spanning the sectors of forestry, fishing, aquaculture, palm oil, protected areas, tourism and biofuels. ASI develops forward-thinking processes and designs agile IT solutions for scheme owners, facilitating collaboration, efficiency and impact.

ASI is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and operates a quality management system based on ISO/IEC 17011:2004 requirements for accreditation bodies.

To read a summary report of ISEAL's External Evaluation of ASI's compliance with ISO/IEC 17011, please click here.

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Assessor for the FSC accreditation program, ASI, Flexible Location

The ASI Assessor is responsible for performing ASI assessments to applicant and accredited CABs in relation to Chain of Custody (COC) and/or Forest Management (FM) and certifications conducted in accordance with the requirements of the FSC certification program.
Application deadline: 30 Nov 2017

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