Fairtrade International

Fairtrade International (FLO) is the organisation that coordinates Fairtrade labelling at an international level.

Its standards are designed to tackle poverty and empower producers in the world’s poorest countries.

FLO also helps producers to gain Fairtrade certification and develop market opportunities. Locally based Liaison Officers provide training, guidance on certification and facilitate relationships with buyers.

FLO’s member organisations around the world produce or promote Fairtrade products. They developed the Fairtrade labelling model and are responsible for decision making within FLO.

The Fairtrade certification system is run by a separate company called FLO-CERT. By checking compliance with Fairtrade standards, FLO-CERT ensures that relevant social and environmental standards are met and that producers receive a fair price.

FLO is based in Bonn, Germany.

Fairtrade International is in compliance with:


Compliance Status (Code Version and approval date of compliance)

Last Updated


Version 6, May 2016



Version 1, July 2014



Version 1, Independent Evaluation due for completion 2017


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