Adam Romo

Adam is ISEAL's Assistant, Impacts

As the Assistant on the Impacts team, my role is to support projects and activities within the Impacts team and their working groups. I likewise provide administrative support to the Innovations team and across the organization.

I also work closely with the communities of practice on living income and monitoring and evaluation.

Before ISEAL...

In 2016 I graduated from UEA with an Integrated Master’s in Environmental Sciences with a focus on conservation, climate change and sustainability. Since then I have interned at the WWF within the forests department and have worked as a work placement coordinator at a higher education college in East London. I have also previously volunteered as a research assistant for Operation Wallacea and undertaken conservation expeditions to Honduras and Mexico.  

Additionally, I founded my own sustainable fashion brand which sources ethical and environmentally friendly garments using some of ISEAL’s member standards.

Ask me about:

Impacts team activities, the living income community of practice and the monitoring and evaluation community of practice. 

I am based in:



Living Income Webinar No. 17 - Stakeholder levers for addressing income gaps

One of the key pillars of the Living Income Community of Practice is to explore methods for addressing gaps between living income benchmarks and existing incomes for smallholders. Join The Sustainable Food Lab and Business Fights Poverty as they present on their exciting, recently published, collaborative paper on levers for stakeholders to pull in order to raise incomes to a decent level.

Webinar No. 16: Closing Income Gaps - How do investors address living income?

Poverty is often identified as a significant driver of child labour practices across the globe. Join Stina Nilsson from GES International as she discusses their new report 'Combatting child labour in cocoa – investor expectations and corporate good practice' and talks on how GES coordinates collaborative engagements among institutional investors towards the cocoa industry to address income gaps and consequently child labour.

Getting a better picture of the level of multi-certification in coffee and cocoa

Four ISEAL members, Fairtrade, Global Coffee Platform, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, have embarked on an innovative joint effort to get a better picture of the level of multiple certification in coffee and cocoa and to improve data quality.

Living Income Webinar No.15: Malawi Tea 2020 & GIZ 'Fast Track' study on living and actual income

Learn more about a recent study on living income conducted by GIZ under the umbrella of the Malawi Tea 2020 partnership. This partnership brings together the organizations who can deliver the changes required to achieve a competitive and profitable Malawian tea industry where workers earn a living wage and smallholders earn a living income.

Raising Farm Gate Prices for a Living Income – an insight from the cocoa sector

The Living Income Community of Practice recently held a webinar on closing income gaps with guest presenter Antonie Fountain from the VOICE Network. Antonie presented the findings of a cocoa sector specific living income paper, which prompted an engaging multi-stakeholder discussion.

Living Income Webinar No.14: Closing income gaps - an insight from the cocoa sector

Antonie Fountain from the VOICE Network discusses the viable options to raise farm gate prices to the level that allows farmers to escape structural poverty and attain a living income. The VOICE Network has published a consultation paper on this topic and this was an opportunity to understand the key points raised in the paper and how the sector can act on this critical component of closing the gap between actual and living incomes.

Living Income Factsheet

A factsheet with information about the Living Income Community of practice, with useful resources and links.
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