Britta Wyss Bisang

Britta is the Program Director at UTZ Certified and Chair of the ISEAL Board.  She also sits on the Executive Committee.

Britta is UTZ’s Program Director, overseeing the UTZ standards, assurance system, training program as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the program and institutional partnerships. She works with all UTZ Certified crops, coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts and is a member of the UTZ Executive Team.

Britta holds a Masters Degree in environmental sciences from ETH Zurich with a focus on soil science and risk management. She has in-depth experience in various sustainability standard systems and is an expert in including social, environmental and economic criteria in sustainable value chain approaches. Britta has been on the Board of Directors of ISEAL since 2010 and became the chair end of 2016.

Board term expires: Summer 2020

Farmers in Central America generate energy from coffee wastewater through UTZ project

UTZ Certified publishes the results of a four-year project on coffee wastewater treatment

New UTZ Certified Code of Conduct released

The code focuses on management practices and elaborates more on climate change adaptation. There is also greater emphasis on measures for preventing, monitoring and remediating child labor, increasing women’s participation, and reaching more smallholders. The simpler language of the new structure - consisting of one core code and commodity specific modules – will allow more farmers to join the UTZ program.
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