Joanne Maimaris

Joanne is ISEAL’s Communications Assistant

I joined ISEAL as the Events Intern and helped to co-ordinate and deliver ISEAL’s 2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference held in Zurich, Switzerland. I currently support the communications functions at ISEAL including maintaining our web site, social media and newsletters.

Before ISEAL…

I gathered a range of experience across the sustainability sector through various roles including research assistant with IUCN where I contributed to building a database on human responses to climate change, working in the sales team at Lush UK and as social media assistant with Greenpeace Argentina. I travelled solo through Patagonia, South America for five months and prior to that I graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Psychology and German.

Ask me about:

Anything related to ISEAL communications products such as our articles, blogs, factsheets, annual reports and videos. 

I am based in:


EU member states are failing to implement sustainable use of pesticides

A recent report by the European Commission has found that member states have not made enough progress in applying measures to reduce the risks and impacts of pesticides.

Living Wage Benchmark Report and Infographic for Ghana

Download the living wage benchmark report and infographic for Ghana

ISEAL welcomes Textile Exchange as Associate Member

We are pleased to announce that Textile Exchange has been accepted as an Associate Member of ISEAL, joining a growing number of initiatives that are driving positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors.

Living Wage estimates in Vietnam create an opening for corporate and government action to help workers earn a living wage

The Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) has released two living wage benchmark reports estimating living wages in rural and urban Vietnam.

The changing nature of trust and the role of credible standards

Credibility and trust are closely related; to create trust a standards system must demonstrate credibility.

Perspectives on standards and certification June 2017

Perspectives on standards and certification June 2017 by standard system consultants

ISEAL membership linked to improved transparency, accessibility and rigour of a standards systems

A new infographic illustrates the positive effect of full ISEAL membership on transparency, accessibility and rigour of a standards system.

A new era of trust - 2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference

Full presentation from the breakout session 'A new era of trust', including presentations from Sarah Lake (Global Canopy Programme), Mathieu Lamolle (ITC), Thibaut Schaeffer (Provenance) and Kaushik Ramakrishnan (UTZ).

Blockchain taster - 2017 Community Day presentation

Blockchain taster presentation by Provenance, Community Day 29th June 2017.

George Watene - 2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference presentation

George Watene's presentation from the activation sessions on 27th June, part of the 2017 Global Sustainability Standards Conference.
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