Khoo Hock Aun

Khoo Hock Aun is Board Director of Chamber 1 at RSB

Mr Khoo Hock Aun leads the Cosmo Biofuels Group which is actively engaged in establishing algae, jatropha curcas and oil seed plantations, biofuel downstream processing and trading activities in the Asia Pacific region. He is presently developing markets and partnerships for an oilseed-to-biodiesel supply chain based on the Group’s proprietary processing technology.

The Cosmo Biofuels Group supplies both the upstream and downstream technologies for its project partners on the ground and monitor the quality aspects so that they adhere to international standards. The Group approaches its plantation projects holistically with firm commitments to the sensitivity and welfare of local farmers and workers, the protection of local environment and the sustainability of the business in the country.

He has managed, in a period spanning over two decades, a number of trade associations both in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Term Expires:  December 2018


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