Marta Maireles González

Marta is ISEAL's Associate Manager, Impacts

Since I joined ISEAL in October 2011, I have been supporting the implementation of the ISEAL Demonstrating Impacts project. As Associate Manager, I have a role in assisting members on how to comply with ISEAL's Impacts Code. I also coordinate the ISEAL M&E Peer Learning group, a working group where ISEAL members' M&E staff share experiences to help advance their M&E systems in line with the ISEAL Impacts Code. I support the ISEAL Secretariat’s own M&E efforts ensuring that ISEAL is a learning organisation.

Before ISEAL...

I had fieldwork experience in evaluating development projects, such as for the FAO in Honduras, and worked for the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative in Copenhagen. I am also an active volunteer member of the Danish Central America Committee. I hold a M.Sc. in Business and Development Studies from Copenhagen Business School, where I specialised in corporate social responsibility. For my dissertation, I went to Nicaragua to conduct a case study about the perceptions Nicaraguan coffee farmers had of the impact of sustainability standards. I also hold a graduate degree in Business Administration from ETEA Faculty of Business and Economics in Córdoba, Spain.

Ask me about:

The ISEAL Demonstrating Impacts project, the ISEAL Common Core Indicators, gender, compliance with the ISEAL Impacts Code.

I am based in:


Developing living income benchmarks

Actors from across the supply chain came together in June to explore how living income benchmarks could help standards, companies, and other actors evaluate strategies for improving farmer livelihoods.

Common Core Indicators

ISEAL’s work on Common Core Indicators is aimed at addressing the specific monitoring and evaluation needs and challenges facing sustainability standards and helping them apply and adopt these indicators. This resource provides detailed definitions and guidance for 35 metrics for the current set of ISEAL Common Core Indicators, which are designed to facilitate an understanding of the reach and characteristics of standard systems.

ISEAL DIPI Project - Three Commissioned Impact Evaluations - Longer Summary by ISEAL of the Three Studies

The Ford Foundation is supporting ISEAL and its agriculture and forestry members to build robust M&E systems and generate both performance monitoring and impact evaluation evidence about the contribution of sustainability standards to improving the livelihoods of the poor, smallholder producers. This is a two page but more detailed summary of the three cases, with a large table that summarized the researchers, methods used, standards systems' interventions, and market-led approaches for each.

Indicator protocol template

This is an example of an indicator protocol template that your organisation can use if you need to report on your M&E indicators.

Research Agenda on the Gender Impacts of Sustainability Standards

ISEAL members have collaboratively created a research agenda on their gender impacts.

Higher productivity in certified farms revealed in SAN findings

We know sustainable agriculture can have positive economic, environmental and social impacts so it is valuable when an ISEAL member demonstrates clear benefits of their certification programme.

Article about the W+ Standard published in the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking

An article on the W+ Standard "Accelerating Investments in Women through Certification" was published in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB).

Mondelēz aims to evaluate the real impact of its $200m investment

The world’s second biggest coffee company is set to evaluate its Coffee Made Happy program to help it understand the real impact experienced by farmers on the ground.

ISEAL, COSA and Sustainable Food Lab partnering to improve smallholder supply chains

The Sustainable Food Lab, COSA, and the ISEAL Alliance are collaborating on consistent indicators to monitor the sustainability of smallholder farming systems.

ISEAL invites 'expressions of interest' for impact evaluation in Indonesia

ISEAL is now launching a Call for Expressions of Interest and Qualifications for one of the three impact evaluations that the ISEAL Alliance will commission under the auspices of the Demonstrating and Improving Poverty Impacts project: a study of the early impact of sustainability standards on smallholder farmers in S. Sumatra and Lampung, Indonesia.
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