Norma Tregurtha

Norma is ISEAL's  Policy & Outreach Director

Since joining ISEAL in 2010, I have focused on interacting with key business groups, governments and NGOs based in emerging markets to advocate for the use of credible standards. More recently this work has pushed in the direction of sustainable public procurement and the unique role that standards play in supporting this. Similarly, I’m responsible for promoting the use of standards within the finance sector from both an investment and lending perspective. A further aspect of my work is to monitor global policy discussions. I connect with ISEAL members to coordinate and develop their collective response, with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the link between standards and legislation being a special areas of focus. 

Before ISEAL...

I worked for the DFID-funded ComMark Trust – a grant-making agency aimed at supporting pro-poor, private sector development through implementing the “making markets work for the poor” approach. As manager of ComMark’s Regional Standards Programme (RSP) I worked with Southern African agribusinesses, supermarkets, government bodies and standards systems to incentivise them to tackle the problems associated with international standards compliance. Prior to that I worked at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Stellenbosch University South Africa where I was responsible for implementing the department’s industry and community outreach programme. I have a Masters degree from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Ask me about:

Emerging markets specifically China, India and Brazil, how governments use standards, sustainable public procurement, the finance sector’s use of standards, the SDGs, as well as the relationship between standards and other sustainability tools such as life cycle analysis (LCA) or reporting initiatives.

I am based in:


Eliminating modern slavery and human trafficking in supply chains

Norma Tregurtha, Director, Policy and Outreach at ISEAL considers the role of businesses in tackling forced labour.

New Tool in China to Help Define What ‘Responsible’ Looks Like

This week, ISEAL and the China Certification and Accreditation Institute, in collaboration with the South North Institute for Sustainable Development, launched the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards to audiences in China.

FSC position paper asks companies to recognise limitations of life cycle analysis

The paper from FSC asks companies, researchers or public authorities, when using LCAs to recognise its limitations, and to address these upfront with requiring evidence of sustainable sources of raw materials. For natural resource based materials, the paper asks for certified products to fill in the gaps.

FSC position paper on limitations of LCAs

This is FSC's position paper on the limitations of LCAs with a call to action to companies to fill in the gaps of the methodology with credible certification.

ISEAL members at COP 21!

ISEAL members are at this year's historic COP21 meeting to provide their input on the role standards systems can play in mitigating climate change.

Pressões de mercado devem impulsionar processo de consumo sustentável

Diretor de gestão ambiental da FIESP destaca as mudanças no sistema de produção e perfil do consumidor frente a sustentabilidade

Call for sustainable palm oil in India reflects ISEAL's work in emerging markets

A Guardian article published this week echoes ISEAL's report ‘Responsible Business Practices in the Indian Palm Oil Sector’ in its discussion of low demand for sustainable palm oil in India.

Building Demand for Sustainable Commodities

This ISEAL report from April 2015 shares how brands and retailers can catalyse uptake of sustainability standards and certification in Brazil, India and China

How can sustainability standards help mitigate water risks?

Water is increasingly being recognised as the biggest risk facing businesses and supply chains. With agriculture using more than 70% of the world’s freshwater, agricultural standards have a key role to play.

On World Day to End Child Labour, GoodWeave Speaks Out

Today is World Day Against Child Labour. ISEAL full member GoodWeave is at the front of the fight to end child labour.
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