Patrick Mallet

Patrick is ISEAL's Director of Innovations

I have worked with ISEAL since its founding and served as the first Executive Director until 2005. I spent the first few years building trust and a common vision between the founding members and then spearheaded the development of our first Code of Good Practice for Standard-Setting in 2004. As Credibility Director, I continued to focus on developing a shared understanding of how standards and certification can be more effective, with responsibilities for our Codes of Good Practice and Credibility Principles, and supporting members and emerging initiatives directly to develop and improve their programmes.  Now, as Director, Innovations, I am leading our work to ensure members are well-positioned to drive transformation to full sustainability in the sectors where they work.

Before ISEAL…

Was there life before ISEAL? In fact, I was coordinating an international development project in Mexico, working with agroforestry producers who were interested in new markets for their products. In 1999, we brought together four sustainability standards to talk about certification and quickly realised that they had a lot more in common than agroforestry – and the rest is history. I have also worked previously with producer groups and alternative technology NGOs in Kenya and India. I grew up in Montreal and went to University in Halifax and Montreal.

Ask me about:

Standards, assurance, and anything else technical, the comparison tool, our Codes of Good Practice, and dark secrets from ISEAL’s past.

I am based in:

Kaslo, British Columbia

Share your views: Assurance Code Consultation

Assurance is about assessing whether someone meets a set of requirements. It’s a cornerstone of credible sustainability standards systems, particularly where the participating enterprises are making claims about their practices or sustainability performance. The Assurance Code v1.2 is out for consultation until the 1st October – take this opportunity to share your views.

Re-imagining the future of trust

Trust is a defining hallmark of sustainability standards. In this blog, Patrick Mallet, Innovations Director at ISEAL, considers how new data tools and approaches are changing our expectations of trust.

ISEAL seeks assurance expertise to support its revision of the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice

The ISEAL Assurance Code is one of ISEAL’s flagship resources. The Code seeks to capture good practices that ensure sustainability assurance is effective and creates value. Over the last five years there have been significant changes in the way that we assess compliance, including advances in technology and information management. Through a Code revision process that we are launching next month, we hope to capture those advances.

Assurance Code Revision ToRs Jan17

The approved Terms of Reference guiding the 2017 revision of the ISEAL Assurance Code.

Assurance Code Steering Group Terms of Reference Jan17

Terms of reference for the Steering Group that will provide technical oversight to the 2017 revision of the ISEAL Assurance Code of Good Practice

Sustainability standards as data managers

In this blog, ISEAL's Innovations Director Patrick Mallet considers the role sustainability standards can play in the data revolution.

Driving our innovations programme forward

One of the critical reflections from our Global Sustainability Standards conference, held last month in Washington, is that there is a fundamental shift in the nature of the conversation about sustainability standards. Collectively as a movement, we recognise the scale of the challenges that lie ahead of us. We recognise that our current models are not going to get us where we need to go and that we will need to continue to innovate and improve the effectiveness of our systems.

Zero deforestation commitments and landscape approaches: positioning standards systems

ISEAL recently published a report on standards in landscape approaches and net zero deforestation commitments. This blog from Patrick Mallet now lays out the top priorities that standards leaders should be thinking about in this space.

New ISEAL report: Standards have strong role to play in zero deforestation commitments and landscape approaches

ISEAL’s research finds that the top priorities for standards systems with regard to landscape approaches and company zero deforestation commitments are to push for innovation within their standards’ content and assurance, while helping companies strive for change that goes beyond the minimum.

Criticism on audits and assurance: an ISEAL response

Criticism continues to arise about audits, both those of standards and company’s own inspections. ISEAL explores two issues, including how competent auditors are needed to ensure audits don’t maintain the status quo, and how credible standards should seek continuous improvement in their assurance so as to support overall governance regimes in important sectors.
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