Sidra Khalid

Sidra is ISEAL's Communications Assistant

I joined ISEAL as a Conference & Communications Intern and helped to plan ISEAL’s 2015 Global Sustainability Conference held in Berlin, Germany. I currently support the communications functions at ISEAL including maintaining our web site, social media and newsletters.

Before ISEAL...

I graduated from Durham University with an MSc in Culture, Sustainability and Anthropology of Development in 2013. I have extensive experience in qualitative, ethnographic fieldwork. My Master's thesis focused on the transnational experiences of British Pakistanis living in Manchester. I have worked as a Projects Volunteer at London Sustainability Exchange, where I assisted in the early stages of their Green Mosques project, which aimed to help London's Muslims live more sustainably. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan. Alongside my work at ISEAL, I also spent a year volunteering as Joint Communications and Marketing Manager at Development in Action, a youth charity that works to raise awareness of development issues and promote global citizenship.

Ask me about:

How to upload your content on the ISEAL Online Community web site such as jobs and events in sustainability standards, or anything related to ISEAL communications products such as our articles, blogs, factsheets, annual reports and videos. 

I am based in:


Sialkot, Pakistan living wage significantly higher than new government poverty line wage, minimum wage, and prevailing wages

A new living wage benchmark report from the Global Living Wage Coalition found a gap from around 50% to over 100% on key wage comparisons in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Businesses experience range of benefits from using sustainability standards

A new report by Aidenvironment finds that sustainability standards improve market access, profitability and production for certified businesses, as well as enhance the reputation of and reduce risks for manufacturers and retailers.

New report finds prevailing wages in Uttar Pradesh, India 45 percent below a living wage

The Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) has released a new living wage benchmark report that looks at living wages in rural Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh, India.

ISEAL’s new strategy for 2020 (and what we’re up to in 2017)

In this webinar you can learn about our new 2020 strategy as well as our plans for 2017.

Standards Impacts and Evidence: introducing a new tool from ISEAL

In this webinar, Suzanne Clift, ISEAL's Communications Manager, presents our new website hosting impacts evidence and business case information from credible sustainability standards.

Together, ISEAL members are making a real mark

ISEAL members are working together to share how they are ‘making a real mark’ in the world through their common, proven approach that is reaching scale.

Delivering impacts information on sustainability standards

New website provides credible evidence on the impact of sustainability standards to help businesses show how they are helping deliver social and environmental improvements.

Sustainable Sourcing: What to think about in a company commitment and how standards play a role

In this webinar we discuss sustainable sourcing and company commitments.

Rescued from the looms: my visit to a GoodWeave childrens' centre

Recently I travelled to Nepal and got a chance to visit a rehabilitation centre run by GoodWeave. There I met a group of children who all previously worked as bonded labourers.

Principales tendencias en normas de sostenibilidad

En este webinar, Karin Kreider, Directora Ejecutiva de ISEAL, explicará las últimas tendencias que afectan las normas de sostenibilidad y el movimiento de certificación.
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