Suzanne Clift

Suzanne is ISEAL's Senior Communications Manager

I lead ISEAL's communication team, developing, overseeing and implementing ISEAL’s communication strategy to build awareness of ISEAL and sustainability standards as credible tools. My role also includes developing campaigns and content for the various communication channels, and developing ISEAL's online communication and multimedia assets.

I joined ISEAL in January 2016.

Before ISEAL...

I worked in communication for non-profit and public sector organisations, including leading the communication team for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and as corporate brand manager for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Previously I worked in Government managing internal communication and major change communication programmes. I hold a BA Hons degree in Communication Studies, Masters in Applied Linguistics and Postgraduate Diploma in Change Management.

Ask me about:

Anything related to ISEAL communication.

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ISEAL’s refreshed website coming soon

ISEAL will unveil a refreshed public website next month, making it easier to find out about credible standards and how they can benefit businesses, governments and other key stakeholders.

Global Coffee Platform report finds support aimed at smallholder coffee farmers delivers more benefit than agribusiness models

A Global Coffee Platform report at the end of a four-year public-private partnership supporting small-scale coffee growers in Tanzania, finds a strong case for supporting smallholder production systems to increase sustainability in the sector.

Low bar or high bar: scaling up while maintaining credibility

More and more we see a tension between the call to raise the bar of sustainability standards and the need to ensure they remain accessible to small holders and small and medium businesses.

Credible sustainability standards continue to grow

The latest market data on voluntary sustainability standards shows a clear trend: the production volume and number of certified products from almost all standards have increased over the past five years.

Summit for Sustainable Supply Chains in Zürich: Annual ISEAL Alliance Conference

The “Global Sustainability Standards Conference” in the World Trade Center in Zürich will close in a few hours. About 400 representatives from companies, NGOs, authorities and academic institutions have been discussing the future development of private voluntary sustainability standards during the past three days.

ISEAL Innovations Fund begins to bear fruit

A ground-breaking data digitisation project led by UTZ is the first of eight new Innovations Fund initiatives.

Rainforest Alliance and UTZ to merge

Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have announced their intention to merge later this year, helping to ensure that more products are responsibly sourced and farmers and companies can meet the growing demand for products with sustainable credentials.

ISEAL Statement on Sainsbury’s Sustainability Standards Programme

This is an ISEAL response to Sainsbury’s Sustainability Standards Programme.

New research shows retailers should lead the way in transforming forestry supply chains

A new WWF report finds that responsible sourcing of forest products is good for businesses. Retail companies with robust responsible sourcing policies are seeing tangible benefits.

Forest Stewardship Council and Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance collaboration

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) have formed a collaboration to increase consistency and meet the needs of their stakeholders.
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