ISEAL DIPI Project - Three Commissioned Impact Evaluations - Longer Summary by ISEAL of the Three Studies

The Ford Foundation is supporting ISEAL and its agriculture and forestry members to build robust M&E systems and generate both performance monitoring and impact evaluation evidence about the contribution of sustainability standards to improving the livelihoods of the poor, smallholder producers. This is a two page but more detailed summary of the three cases, with a large table that summarized the researchers, methods used, standards systems' interventions, and market-led approaches for each.

Over the past year, this Demonstrating and Improving Poverty Impacts project has enable ISEAL to commission three rigorous and technically sound impacts evaluations in the Western Kenya, Indonesia and India. In 2016 ISEAL is publishing the baseline study results. Follow up studies, where we expect to understand the early impact of the interventions, will take place in 2017/18. ISEAL’s interest is to add to the growing body of knowledge on the impact of sustainability standards and address questions that are important but still under-studied in existing literature. 

For the full research design documents and full baseline reports, click here.

For a brief factsheet on the three studies, click here.