Presenting the Assurance Code

A webinar delivered by ISEAL Credibility Director Patrick Mallet about ISEAL's newest Code of Good Practice - the Assurance Code - which aims to provide guidance on how sustainability standards systems can develop strong and credible practices for verifying compliance with social and environmental standards.

The ISEAL webinar series brings together ISEAL experts and members and leaders and practitioners in the sustainability sector to learn about important concepts, trends, projects and developments in the standards landscape.

In this webinar we unveil the Assurance Code, ISEAL's third Code of Good Practice, developed and approved through a robust two-year consultation process. The Assurance Code establishes international best practice for sustainability standards systems to implement assurance systems that are effective and consistent, and that address critical issues such as auditor competence, conflict of interest and innovation. Compliance with the Code will become an ISEAL membership requirement.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about the Assurance Code

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