Standards for the Extractives Sector: A sustainability renaissance?

This webinar presents an overview of different standards initiatives operating in extractives, a critical sector for improving good practices. Responsible Jewellery Council, Equitable Origin and Alliance for Responsible Mining sit on the panel and answer questions about the major challenges and opportunities for standards.

Sustainability standards are a trusted sustainability tool in sectors such as agriculture, fishing and forestry, but in recent years we have seen a rapid growth in the development of standards for other types of production, extractives in particular. This webinar explored how standards can contribute to addressing social and environmental issues in challenging areas such as oil and gas and mining, what approaches have been taken and what needs to happen to make improved practices feasible and scalable. Panellists included:

  • Fiona Solomon, Standards Director, Responsible Jewellery Council
  • Assheton Carter, VP of Global Engagement, Equitable Origin
  • Cristina Echavarria, Board Member, Alliance for Responsible Mining

Watch the webinar below